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Get a head start on the Christmas shopping

Christmas might seem like it’s ages away, but savvy shoppers know that now is the perfect time to get organised and start thinking about those festive gifts. By getting a head start and purchasing your loved ones presents in advance, you can avoid the stressful last-minute shop and worrying whether the presents are going to arrive on time. So why not embrace the holiday spirit a little earlier this year and make this Christmas season a little merrier and a lot less hectic. When you’re thinking of the perfect gift to get someone, what do you think of? We may be biased, but we firmly believe that the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of sleep and relaxation. In a fast-paced world, filled with demands and distractions, the opportunity to fully unwind, rejuvenate and enjoy a restful slumber is truly priceless. Let’s jump right in and show you what the team at Morphée has to offer you P.S. If you sign up to our newsletter, you will receive all of our latest discounts and deals first!

My Little Morphée

Christmas presents for kids

My Little Morphée is our screen-free sleeping and relaxation device that has been created especially for children between the ages of three to eight years old. My Little Morphée can however be used by children under the age of three as parents can pop on the stories or white noises for them, so it can still make the perfect gift for someone a little younger to grow into. Our sleep and relaxation device has been created by experts to help them settle down during their bedtime routine or to help them relax during the day. Overall, there are 192 meditative journeys to choose from, and these sessions include visualisations, breathing and relaxation exercises, guided meditations as well as nature and white noise settings.

What are My Little Morphée's highlights?
    • 100% screen-free
    • Helps children to develop their confidence and focus and foster emotional versatility
    • All sessions have been created by children sleep and relaxation experts
    • 3 hours of play mode
    • 2 year warranty
    • 100-night trial - if your little one doesn’t love it as much as we hope, it can be returned, with a full refund issues within 100 days * T&Cs applied 

“We were struggling to calm down our 4 year old at bedtime (the usual stories just weren’t cutting it!) and were at a loss at what to do. This product has totally transformed our bedtime routine. He now looks forward to a different meditation every evening or just listening to the calming sounds of nature. It’s also a lovely way for us to relax with him at the end of the day. Thank you for this genius concept - a total game changer for overactive little minds!”


Christmas gifts for adults

Morphée is our adult sleep and meditation aid device that will help you to unwind, relax and fall asleep quicker and deeper through our guided sessions. Morphée has been created by relaxation and sleep experts, as a natural solution to manage anxiety, stress and insomnia. Overall, there are 210 different combinations of guided meditation sessions that include themes such as breathing, cardiac coherence, napping, visualisations and nature sounds. All you have to do is sit back or lie down, and let Morphée help you unwind. 

How does Morphée work?

Morphée uses a simple three-key system, and is 100% screen free to help you fully relax. 

  1. With the first key you can choose from 1 of 8 themed sessions
  2. With the second key you can select of 1 of 8 training sessions per theme 
  3. With the third key you choose between an 8 or 20 minute session
  4. You can also choose between a female or male voice to lead you through the sessions 

With over 500,000 customers already using Morphée across Europe, here are just a few of our reviews.

“Received Morphée as a gift, as someone that struggles to get to sleep, Morphée  has revolutionised how quickly I get to sleep and I feel much more rested, buy one, you will not regret it and will never want to sleep without it!”

"Teaches me amazing techniques. I notice a lot of improvement in my daily life after using it. I am not that reactive, and I can calm down from anxiety easier. I developed a very useful approach to my anxiety.”

Morphée Zen

Corporate gifting ideas

Our newest product is our Morphée Zen, or our pebble as we like to call it. Morphée Zen has been created to help you calm down and regain control of your stress level whether you’re at work, on the move or at home. Overall, Morphée Zen contains 72 different sessions that last 5-minutes and each session has been curated by a team of health and well-being professionals. Their expertise and knowledge has ensured that every session you listen to is tailored to release tension, calm your mind and put you in a deep state of relaxation.

What are the Zen highlights?

    • It’s 100% screen-free
    • Has 72 meditation sessions, each lasting 5 minutes
    • Has 4 languages to choose from - UK - FR - DE - NL
    • 6 captivating themes to choose from
    • Comes with its own set of headphones
    • 100 night trial 
    • 2 years warranty

Corporate gifting

Our Zen can also make a wonderful corporate gift, studies have proven that in workplaces that put their employees’ well-being first, they have more productive colleagues that are physically and mentally healthy. Whether you would like to reward your team for all the hard work they have done this year, you’re thanking a valued client or you want to say a Merry Christmas to one of your supplies, we are here for you. For more information on how you can get in touch with us, follow our link here to our corporate gifting page

“The Morphée Zen is a wonderfully compact portable pocketful of calm. I love how easy it is to use and the various options including 2 minute Zen sessions! The relaxing piano music pieces are also a lovely touch. Highly recommended!”

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