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Both Morphée and My Little Morphée were created by sleep experts to help children and adults relax during the day, settle-down before bedtime and sleep deeply. Not only were our products created by experts, specialists in the health wellness industry have also praised our products and have recommended them to their patients. Thank you to everyone who is spreading the Morphée love.

"My Little Morphee has been a game changer for bedtime routines and my nieces and nephews love it and actually look forward to bedtime! The stories are engaging yet relaxing and they fall asleep within minutes."

Malminder Gill, Multi-Award Winning Therapist, Harley Street

"As a psychologist specialising in sleep difficulties, I recommend the Morphée to all the clients of my sleep clinic and to the readers of my new book about insomnia, 'The Gift of the Night' - which will be launched in October 2023 - to help them with getting off to sleep at night and with taking afternoon naps. I use the 8 minute nap exercises daily and find I wake up so refreshed after just these few minutes of rest. My experience of the Morphée is that the more you use it, the more you appreciate its value."

Philip Carr-Gomm, Sophrologist and Sleep Psychologist

"I've been a huge advocate of not using electrical sleep devices at my practice for years and was delighted when I discovered Morphée, the non-wired, non-wifi, non-electric sleep aid device! I have been using it for a while and have noticed substantial improvements in my sleep, especially falling asleep. I recommend Morphée to my clients who struggle to fall asleep and am pleased of the good results my clients are also seeing."

Malminder Gill, Multi-Award Winning Therapist, Harley Street

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