Imagine drifting off to sleep each night, free from the worries of the day. Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. At Morphée, we believe this shouldn't be a dream, but a reality.

From Insomnia to Innovation

Our story begins in the heart of Provence with two individuals united by a common desire for better sleep: Guillaume and Charlie, our founders. Guillaume, like many of us, grappled with insomnia, yearning for a natural solution. Charlie, a dedicated tennis player, understood the importance of quality sleep for peak performance.

Birth of the Morphée Device

Fuelled by Guillaume's struggle with insomnia and Charlie's understanding of sleep's importance, their discovery of the power of guided meditations and soundscapes sparked a passion. Extensive research and collaboration with designers and sleep specialists (sophrologists, doctors, and sleep centres) led to the creation of Morphée in 2016.

Our mission is simple: to empower people of all ages to experience the transformative power of quality sleep through innovative, screen-free solutions.

The Morphée Family Grows

The story doesn't end there! In 2020, the Morphée family welcomed My Little Morphée, a product specifically designed to to nurture young minds. My Little Morphée goes beyond sleep, fostering a love of meditation and empowering emotional growth in children.

Expanding Our Wellness Solutions

In 2021, we pushed the boundaries again with Morphée Zen, an ultra-portable device shaped like a pebble. Morphée Zen allows anyone, anywhere, and at any time of the day to take a quick break, find moments of calm and manage stress in an instant.

The Morphée journey continues... We're constantly innovating and growing, dedicated to helping you unlock the power of sleep and live your best life.