Activities to keep kids entertained whilst travelling

Activities to keep kids entertained whilst travelling

Welcome to our travel entertainment guide to help all the jet-setting parents this summer. Whether you’re hitting the road for a family road trip or soaring through the skies to somewhere abroad, one thing is for certain: keeping the little ones entertained whilst travelling is the key to a smooth and enjoyable experience.

We understand that travelling with children can sometimes be challenging, as restlessness and boredom can quickly set it. Look no further, we have you covered. Say goodbye to the dreaded “are we there yet?” as we have come armed with a list of activities that will transform even the longest of car or plane journeys into an adventure.

Travel entertainment solutions

When brainstorming all the tried and tested activities to keep the little ones entertained, we wanted to opt for ones that didn’t contain a screen. When you use an electronic device such as a phone, iPad or another type of tablet, the screen will emit a blue light. The blue light  tricks the body into thinking that it’s daytime, which prevents the body from releasing melatonin, the sleep hormone. Whilst having screen-time can easily be incorporated into their everyday routine, it is important that you try to stay clear of them a few hours before they are supposed to be sleeping. If you want your children to have a nap during their journey, or you're travelling on a night-time flight, keep that in mind. 

Travel activity pack

kids activity pack

Creating a travel activity pack for your children is a fantastic way to ensure they stay engaged and entertained throughout the journey. Remember that this does not have to cost a fortune, rummage through your arts and craft box at home to see what you already have and go to cheaper supermarkets and shops to buy what you do need. Here are just a few essential items to include in their travel pack.

  1. Colouring books and crayons. Pack a variety of colouring books or activity pads along with a set of crayons or pencils. This classic combination will keep their creativity flowing. 
  2. Sticker books. Although some stickers might end up all over the plane or your car, they do provide hours of fun. There are 100’s of different sticker books on the markets for you to choose from. If your children have a particular interest in Marvel, Peppa Pig or zoo animals, there will be one for everyone. There are some books which come with reusable stickers for added convenience.
  3. Puzzle books. Choose books that are age-appropriate. For the older children Sudoku, word searches and brain teasers can keep them entertained whilst also stimulating their brain. 

Remember to consider the age and preferences of your children when selecting the items for their packs. Tailor them to their interests and keep it organised in their backpack or a small bag for easy access. Happy travels!


Children's music

Music can be powerful to help captivate your children whilst travelling. Here are a few different ways music can help keep the boredom at bay:

  1. Car Karaoke. If your children are a bit older, a singalong can make the hours of a road trip fly by and help to lighten up the mood if everyone is feeling a little fed up. Belt out your go to family favourites, let your children choose which song to play next and enjoy!
  2. Singalongs. If your children are a little smaller, creating a playlist of their favourite songs or nursery rhymes encourages them to sing along, whilst also helping to develop their language skills.
  3. Calming melodies. During longer trips, or when it’s time to wind down, playing soothing and calming melodies like instrumental music can help to create a peaceful atmosphere and facilitate relaxation or naptime. 

My Little Morphée

How to entertain children whilst travelling

My Little Morphée is our screen-free sleeping and relaxation aid that has been created especially for children aged three to eight years old. It has been created by experts to help prepare children before they go to sleep or if they need help calming down.

If you are on a long car journey or plane journey, your little ones can start to become a little restless and may need help re-focusing their mind off the journey. My Little Morphée contains 128 soothing visual journeys which will help transport your children to a number of destinations of their choice. From the wild jungle to outer-space; each destination has its own story. Whilst your child listens to the visual journey, they will be accompanied by an animal of their choice; each animal represents a different facet of emotions, be it wisdom, generosity or happiness. Listening to My Little Morphée can help them to relax and emerge themselves into a different world. 

The next thing that My Little Morphée can help with is naps. Silence is golden, and so is a road trip or plan for your kids on a long journey. Scheduling naps during the travel time is a trick many of us might have learnt before. My Little Morphée contains white noises and nature sounds that can help them to drift off to sleep whether that be for a nap whilst travelling or for an overnight flight. To find out more about My Little Morphée, make sure to head to our website

Travel journals

Children writing

Next up, we have travel journals which can be used to amuse your children on any journey. First, a journal can help to build up the excitement and give your child a reason to start learning about their upcoming destination. A week before your trip is planned, your kids can start to fill out the journal by creating a number of lists. The lists could include what they want to pack, activities they would love to partake in whilst away and interesting facts about their destination. Whilst travelling to your destination, they can start to write or draw their journey so far, what they have seen along the way etc. Throughout your trip, they can add to their journal every evening before they go to sleep.

Travel games

Travel games

This one might be more suited for car journeys, but there are plenty of games you can play to keep them engaged whilst flying. 

  1. Never-ending story. Someone starts off the story with a sentence, then takes it in turns to add in new parts to the story and see how it evolves. 
  2. Guess who? Get your children to imagine the story behind the cars that pass by, get them to create a story of what they are called, what their job is and where they are going. This story works well if you are driving or taking a train to your final destination.
  3. Road trip bingo. Before you set off on your journey, come up with a list of different things to spot. Each one of you will write down 5 things out of that list that you think you will see on your journey, the first one to tick off all 5 things will win. Alternatively, you can pick one thing to spot and then whoever spots it first (e.g. a red car) can then pick the next item to be found by everyone.

Bring snacks

Children snack ideas

The phrase ‘I’m hungry’ is just as bad as ‘are we there yet?’ when travelling. Snacks can play a crucial role in keeping children distracted whilst travelling for several reasons.

  1. Distraction. Offering them snacks can help redirect their attention and distract them from potential boredom or restlessness. Snacking provides a sensory experience that can occupy their minds and taste buds.
  2. Hunger prevention. Hunger can quickly lead to crankiness and discomfort in children. By providing snacks, you ensure that they stay nourished and satisfied throughout the journey. A satisfied child is often happier and more content, as we are sure many of you have found out before! 
  3. Passing the time. Snacking can help pass the time during a journey, especially when they have got bored of their colouring packs and writing in their travel journal. Before your trip, choose some of their favourite snacks, even better find snacks that come with entertainment on the packaging like jokes or riddles.

The team at Morphée hope you have a lovely summer holiday! Whether you’re flying abroad or staying closer to home, we hope that our list of activities can help to keep the little ones entertained for the majority of the journey. 


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