Mother's day gift guide

Why Morphée is the perfect Mother's Day gift

Have you picked out a Mother’s Day gift yet? Mother’s Day is a wonderful occasion that comes around once a year, dedicated to celebrating the amazing mums in our lives. Instead of settling on traditional gifts like flowers or chocolates, why not consider something more heartfelt to truly show your appreciation? 

A gift for the mum who struggles to unwind

Mother's day gift ideas

It’s a known fact, with a lot of backed-research, that women tend to feel more stressed than men do on average. As a mum, we know the stress of juggling a busy schedule which can include childcare, work and a social life. This often leaves little time for mum to prioritise some self-care time to unwind from her busy day. That’s where Morphée comes in. Morphée is a meditation device that contains 210 guided meditation sessions and nature sounds that can help mum to switch off from her day, which will also help with the quality of her sleep. If you’re interested in hearing snippets of our sessions, you can find them here

Self-care is crucial for maintaining optimal mental, emotional and physical well-being, which is why it’s important that mum makes time for herself. The guided Morphée meditation sessions last between 8-20 minutes, and a male or female voice can be chosen to guide her through the sessions. Gifting mammas a Morphée will help them to prioritise self-care, which will help them to reduce stress, prevent a burnout and help to improve their overall mental wellbeing. 


A gift for the busy mum

Mother's day gifts

Time is something that mums don’t have much of! That’s why we have created the perfect pocket-sized device that has quick and effective relaxation sessions. Morphée Zen is our meditation device that has been created by health and well-being professionals to help release tension and promote relaxation. We often get asked why the sessions are much shorter, and that’s because we know that time is precious. Even if your mum only has 3-5 minutes to spare, the device can be listened to whilst on her commute, during her work break or whilst she is on the go. 

A gift to keep the children busy

Mother's Day gifts

Do you know what would also make a great gift this Mother’s Day? A product that their children can use to self-soothe themselves during the day and help them to drift off to sleep by themselves. Ensuring children get a good night’s sleep is essential for their well-being. A restful sleep helps to promote their emotional stability, enhance their mood and fosters better cognitive function.

My Little Morphée is our children’s meditation device that has been created by experts to help children calm themselves and fall asleep quicker. A good night's sleep will help to reduce your child's irritability and improve their concentration, which will enable them to approach the day with calmness and resilience. A happy child also equals a happy mum! My Little Morphée operates with a simple 2-key system, allowing the child to choose their favourite stories by themselves, which may give you, as parents an extra 8-20 minutes of peace and quiet. If you would like a sneak peak into some of the 192 sessions, you can listen to them here

Still not convinced that a Morphée product is the perfect gift for your mum? Well what if we told you that we have a trial period? We give every customer 100 nights to trial our relaxation and sleep aids, to make sure that they love the products as much as we do. Happy shopping!

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