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10 ideas for a greener Christmas

Who is looking forward to Christmas? If you’re feeling stressed and you still have some presents to buy your loved ones, why not opt for something more eco-friendly? During the Christmas period, we often spend more, eat more, see family and friends more and unfortunately waste more. A study showed that the amount of waste produced at Christmas time increases by 30% each year. This includes waste such as non recyclable wrapping paper, Christmas cards, packaging from  gifts and more. Numerous small changes can contribute to a more environmentally conscious Christmas this year, and it all begins with the gifts you choose. To help you get started, here are 10 present ideas for a greener 2023 Christmas.

Gift cards and memberships

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts

1. Nature memberships

Do you know someone who loves exploring the great outdoors? There are lots of membership schemes in the UK, such as The National Trust or English Heritage membership, which allows you to visit hundreds of different locations a year for free. Not only will your friends or family find new places outside to explore, the membership also helps to support the conservation work of these areas, which helps protect the planet.

2. Gift cards

A digital gift subscription can make a great sustainable Christmas gift, not only will you have no packaging to throw away, it can give someone longer-term enjoyment. You could either choose a one off experience, a gift card with a certain amount of money behind it or a membership card that will last someone a year. A few different gift card ideas could be for the zoo, the cinema, a Hello Fresh Box to help with meal plans, the list is endless. 

Self-care presents

Sleep device

3. Morphée family 

The gift of sleep and relaxation is a no-brainer from us, so if you know an adult or child that could do with a little help in that department, Morphée is the perfect gift for you. The whole Morphée family makes a great green gift as it can be used time and time again to help you manage with sleep and your mental health. Let’s dive into each product to help you decide which one could be the most useful as a present for someone you know (or yourself).

Morphée is our sleep and meditation device that will help you relax, unwind and fall asleep quicker and deeper through different guided sessions that will last between 8 and 20 minutes. Morphée has been created by sleep professionals and sophrologist experts to create over 200 sessions for you to relax to. 

Morphée Zen is our latest product and it has been created to help someone release their anxiety and stress quickly with 5-minute guided sessions. It has been designed to be portable, it will fit in your trouser pocket and comes with its own set of headphones, meaning you can listen to it wherever you are and at any time. In total there are 72 relaxation and meditation sessions for you to listen to, and help you disconnect from the stresses you are feeling. 

My Little Morphée is our sleep and meditation aid designed for children aged three to eight years old and contains 192 meditative journeys to help prepare them before bedtime or to help calm them down during the day. Each visual journey is guided by one of eight animals, all of which represent a different emotion such as confidence, wisdom, generosity and happiness. The different journeys help them to improve their concentration and foster emotional versatility. 

We currently have great savings on our products, make sure you check out our sale today!

4. Soy wax candles

Sometimes your friends and family won’t have a specific gift list for themselves which can make things tricky, but who wouldn’t love a candle for their home? Soy wax candles are greener than a lot of candles due to their clean-burning qualities. Soybeans are a renewable resource, making the wax biodegradable, and they emit fewer toxic and soot than paraffin candles do. If you want to go that one step further, you could buy someone a candle making kit - they can reuse old wax from previous burnout candles and have fun whilst making new ones.

5. Cookbook

Cookbooks offer much more than just recipes, they provide a journey into creativity, cultural exploration and self-care. The act of cooking engages the mind, promoting mindfulness and can help to reduce stress, which is something we could all do with. Cookbooks will be used throughout the year which makes it a greener Christmas present. Choose a book that you think will come in most handy to the recipient, there are lots of books that focus on sustainable cooking which would make your present event greener. 

6. Plants

House plants make wonderful Christmas presents, bringing the gift of nature and serenity into any home. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they contribute to improved indoor air quality by filtering pollutants. Succulents or cactuses are ideal low-maintenance plants and they will flower and stay green all year long. If someone has a garden, you could perhaps buy them a herb or vegetable growing kit so they can grow their own produce to use throughout 2024 and beyond. 

Practical presents

Practical presents

7. Zero waste toys

It’s Christmas, which means that younger children will be waiting to unwrap a few toys on the 25th December. Zero waste toys have been designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind, which helps to minimise the environmental impact. These toys are typically made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, wood, bamboo or other biodegradable materials. Zero waste toys are normally built to last, which reduces the needs for frequent replacements, which helps to reduce waste over time. Alternatively, you can head to your local charity shops and also see what they have on offer. 

8. Puzzles and games

Games and puzzles make great presents as they offer the gift of shared experiences with family and friends. There are numerous board games that transcend ages, providing entertainment for everyone in the family and they are so much fun to play during the festive period. There are lots of games that are fun but are also more educational and promote cognitive skills, problem-solving and strategic thinking which makes them the gift that keeps on giving past Christmas.

9. A Kindle 

Reading is a powerful escape for lots of people and it provides an escape and fosters emotional well-being. Immersing oneself in a book transports the mind to a different word, offering respite from daily stressors. Instead of buying one book that they may have read before, or may be left off the shelf collecting dust, you could buy them a Kindle. A Kindle is a greener gift as they can download as many books as they like, it also eliminates the need for physical transportation of each book which helps to cut carbon emissions.

10. Reusable travel mug

Know someone who cannot live without a cup of coffee or cup of tea in the morning? A travel mug can make a perfect smaller gift, especially if you are on a budget. There are hundreds of places that sell travel mugs, Citron, an eco-friendly sustainable brand will even personalise your mugs for free, adding that extra special touch this Christmas. Reusable mugs are an amazing greener present idea as you can use them throughout the year, it will save you money buying cups of coffee in coffee shops and reduce the amount of waste from coffee cups that are often not recycled.

The Morphée team hopes you have a happy and healthy Christmas, and we hope that our gift-list has helped you decide on different greener gifts for those you love the most.

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