Christmas present ideas

Gifting thoughtful presents for loved ones

As the festive season approaches quickly, you may be thinking about presents to buy your loved ones. When it comes to purchasing the perfect gift for your loved ones, going beyond the classic chocolates, or gift vouchers and choosing something more thoughtful can have a lasting impression. Whether it’s a personalised item, a handmade creation or a gift they truly need, our Morphée gift guide is here to help you this festive season.

The gift of sleep

Did you know that 79% of us struggle to switch off at bedtime, with 60% of us waking up during the night with thoughts of worries? If you know someone that struggles with their sleep, this year you could buy them a truly priceless gift, the gift of sleep. Here is our list of sleep-related presents that could truly make someone's Christmas this year.

Essential oils

How to release stress

Essential oils such as chamomile or lavender hold the power to calm your mind and relax you before you drift off to sleep. They both help you fall to sleep by triggering the release of melatonin, the sleep promoting hormone and lavender helps to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, leaving you in a more relaxed state. There are a number of essential oil sprays that can be used on your loved ones' pillows or even diffusers that can fill their bedroom with a relaxing scent. 


Sleeping presents

Morphée is our sleep and meditation device that will help you to unwind and improve the quality of your sleep. Sleep and relaxation experts have created over 200 guided sessions for you or a loved one to lie down and listen to before bed. Whether you want to listen to one or two of the sessions in the bath or in your bed, the choice is up to you. Each session will last between eight and twenty minutes, and can be listened to with headphones, or without. P.S. We also have our early Black Friday sale running, don’t miss out on a good night’s sleep! 

  • Comes with a 100-night trial 
  • 8 themes to choose from
  • 100% screen-free device 
  • All sessions have been conducted by sleep professionals 
  • Designed to help you fall asleep quicker

I love the Morphee sleep aid. It has a good selection of different themes. Breathing, music, cardio, napping, visual journeys, nature sounds etc. 8 or 20 minutes. Male or female voices. I rarely get to listen to the end of my chosen program as I usually fall asleep before it’s finished! Plus no blue light or mobile phone radiation to worry about.

Sleeping mask & ear buds

How to get to sleep

If you know someone that finds it hard to get to sleep, it could be due to the environment they are in. Factors such as light and noise play a huge role in your sleep and putting together a little bundle to help them sleep could make the world of difference. If your room isn’t dark enough, the sleep promoting hormone melatonin won’t be released, which could delay your sleep. A sleep mask can help to block out any light that may be coming from their room or the outdoors, helping them to get to sleep quicker. Similarly, if your loved one struggles to sleep unless they are in total silence, or they live in a busy area with noises outside, a pair of earbuds can help. The ear buds will block out any noises so they can get to sleep and stay asleep for longer.  

Sleep for children 

kids christmas ideas

If you know a little rascal that doesn’t love sleep as much as their parents would love them to, then we have the answer you might be looking for. My Little Morphée is our children's sleep and relaxation device that has been created for children aged between three and eight. In total there are 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime, or to help them relax and calm down during the day. These different sessions include visualisations, relaxation and breathing exercises and guided meditations. All of the sessions have been created by sleep experts who specialise in child relaxation. Not only can it help with sleep, My Little Morphée can also be used during the day to help calm their little minds. During each journey, the child can choose an animal companion to guide them on their relaxation journey. Each animal also represents a different facet of emotions, be it courage, curiosity, wisdom, generosity, happiness, independence or enthusiasm. These different animals can help to encourage emotional versatility and also improve concentration and focus which can be great during the day when they need to calm down after a busy day. Luckily for you we have our Black Friday sale running now, don’t miss out on our biggest sale to date!

We were struggling to calm down our 4 year old at bedtime (the usual stories just weren’t cutting it!) and were at a loss at what to do. This product has totally transformed our bedtime routine. He now looks forward to a different meditation every evening or just listening to the calming sounds of nature. It’s also a lovely way for us to relax with him at the end of the day. Thank you for this genius concept - a total game changer for overactive little minds!


The gift of relaxation

In the hustle and bustle of modern day life, relaxation is the anchor that prevents us from feeling stressed and burnt out. When we allow ourselves to have that moment of relaxation, our bodies get the chance to reset which can help both our mental and physical self. We all know someone that finds it hard to switch off and relax, which is why we have put together a list of self-care items that can help your friends or family find that moment of zen in their everyday life.

Bath products

Bath products

Now bath products may seem like a rather generic present, but they do help with relaxation due to the combination of sensory experiences and physiological responses. The warm water itself soothes muscles which promotes relaxation and the bath products are often scented which introduce aromatherapy. Fragrances like lavender and chamomile, can trigger the release of calming neurotransmitters in the brain, inducing a sense of tranquillity. Having a warm bath or shower before bedtime will also improve your quality of sleep, when you get out of the bath your body’s core temperature will drop which tells your brain it’s time to rest. Getting someone a bubbly bath full of goodies can help encourage them to give themselves some ‘me’ time and can help them to relax. 

Morphée Zen

The gift of relaxation

Up next we have the ultimate pocket-sized relaxation aid that will help anyone to calm down and regain control of their stress levels whether they are at home, work or on the move. In total, Morphée Zen contains 72 relaxation and meditation sessions that last between 2-5 minutes long. You might be wondering why the sessions are shorter than our other Morphée products, Zen has been created with people’s busy schedules in mind. Whether you need that 5 minute break whilst you’re at work, or you're taking the tube to your next meeting, sometimes all we have is a short amount of time. Instead of scrolling through our phones to try and relax our minds, we could be listening to a meditation session to help us fully disconnect from the outside world and stress. All of the sessions have been curated by a team of health well-being professionals, including psychologists and hypnotherapists. Their expertise ensures that each and every session is tailored to effectively release tension and create a state of sleep relaxation. 


  • 4 languages to choose from: UK-FR-DE-NL
  • Pocket sized
  • 6 captivating themes including dynamic relaxation and immersive journeys
  • 72 sessions 
  • Screen-free
  • 100-night trial

    The Morphée Zen is a wonderfully compact portable pocketful of calm. I love how easy it is to use and the various options including 2 minute Zen sessions! The relaxing piano music pieces are also a lovely touch. Highly recommended!


    Relaxing Christmas presents

    If you know someone that loves tea, why not get them a hamper full of different teas? Certain teas such as chamomile have been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties to help reduce anxiety and stress. Tea’s like chamomile have a compound called apigenin, that has the same effect as anti-anxiety meditation. Having a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea during the day can help them to feel more relaxed. It’s also a great drink to have before bed because the antioxidants in the tea bind to certain receptors in your brain that have been thought to promote the feeling of tiredness and it’s also thought to reduce insomnia. Starting your day off right and ending it right with a cup of tea can help your loved one feel more relaxed and can help them to sleep better, all of which will help to release any stress.

    Gift set

    Christmas gift set

    If you are looking for a gift that combines sleep and relaxation, then we have exactly what you're looking for. We have created the ultimate relaxation and sleep gift box to give your loved ones this year. Our beautifully curated gift set comes in a Christmassy red box with a beautiful ribbon so you don't have to worry about wrapping it up. What does it include?

    • One Morphée
    • One Morphée sleep mask
    • A box of night-time tea from Dragonfly Tea
    • One Parks London candle
    • Free personalisation available

    You can shop our Christmas gift set here!


    Happy Christmas shopping!

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