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How to zen in 5 minutes with Morphée Zen

Today is National Stress Awareness Day, and it was set up with the aim of raising awareness of the effects of psychological distress in the workplace and ways to combat and overcome these stresses at work. Work-related stress is an increasing problem around the world, impacting not just the health and welfare of workers but also the efficiency of organisations. Everyone will experience stress to some degree, but how we respond to stress can make a huge difference in our overall well-being.

Symptoms of stress

Symptoms of work-related stress


    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Sleeping difficulties
    • Heart palpitations 
    • Muscular tension


    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Irritability 
    • Feelings of being overwhelmed 


    • Aggression
    • A drop in work performance
    • Mood swings
    • Isolation 
    • Diminished creativity

    Common Causes Of Stress In The Workplace



    1. Long hours

    Long hours in the workplace are a key driver of stress. When employees consistently work extended hours, physical and mental exhaustion can take over. The lack of work-life balance leads to a burnout, and increased workloads amplifies anxiety. Working long hours can also result in sleep deprivation, which will impair your cognitive function and increase stress. 










    2. Heavy workload

    At different points of your career, you may have a deadline or more work than usual because something big is coming up. When you have a heavy workload, it can become overwhelming and take a toll on your mental and physical health. The pressure to perform and the fear of falling behind can lead to anxiety. Large amounts of work can also strain relationships around you as stress spills out into your personal life, which can have a negative effect on your well-being.









    Annoying boss habits

    3. Over-supervision

    When managers or supervisors constantly micromanage, it can undermine trust and autonomy, making employees feel like their abilities and judgement are not valued. The stress induced by over-supervision can lead to decreased job satisfaction, lower morale and decreased overall productivity.










    Bored at work

    4. Boring work

    If you find yourself in a role that is very repetitive, it can lead to a lack of mental stimulation and interest. Over time, your job can become very tedious as you will find it hard to feel full-filled in the role. Boredom can lead to reduced motivation, and a sense of wasted potential causing stress and dissatisfaction. 











    How To Destress In 5 Minutes

    If you have been looking for the ultimate relaxation aid that can help you calm down and regain control of your stress levels whether at work, on the go or at home - you have come to the right place. Morphée Zen accommodates for a busy schedule, with 72 sessions lasting 2-5 minutes each. 

    How to destress at work

      How does Morphée Zen work?

      Our Zen has been created by a team of health and well-being professionals, including hypnotherapists, sophrologists and psychologists. Their expertise in their fields ensures that every session has been tailored to effectively calm your mind, release tension and balance your feelings. The sessions allow for uninterrupted tranquillity so you can fully immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of each session without distractions from calls, emails or social media. 

      If you are feeling stressed at work or in any setting, simply plug in the provided headphones, find a comfortable position and press the central button to activate the device. Users can select the desired session by clicking on the different icons on the Zen and you can choose between a male or a female voice, which adds a personal touch to the experience.  


      The Morphée Zen is a wonderfully compact portable pocketful of calm. I love how easy it is to use and the various options including 2 minute Zen sessions! The relaxing piano music pieces are also a lovely touch. Highly recommended!


      Lovely little pebble device that can be taken anywhere. A good selection of relaxing meditations & breathing exercises.

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